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FAQ-self-storage Most frequently asked questions are listed below, but feel free to contact us, email or fill out contact form for your moving and storage questions.

  • Park a RV or Boat on a daily or weekly basis….Call for daily and weekly rates: 843-681-7333
  • For monthly RV, boat or vehicles, click Reserve now on tab for facility location
  • Choose temperature control or standard garage type self storage Choose size I need: Depending upon the items you will be storing, you may need climate controlled space. Climate control helps to eliminate the humidity in the air and controls the temperature depending upon the items you will be storing, you may need climate controlled space. Climate control helps to eliminate the humidity in the air and controls the temperature.
    A way to determine the amount of space you ill need is to inventory what you plan to place in storage. It is a good idea to visit our facility and take a look at the spaces to actually see the sizes before renting the space.
    Choosing the right storage space size will be easier if you use our storage estimator.  Units start at 5? x 5? up to 10? x 30?.
  • What Size Storage Rental Space Do I need?

    Our storage facility offers climate controlled spaces ranging from approximately 25 square feet to 400 square feet.
    Be sure to pack your self storage unit so that it is accessible to you. Leaving a center aisle will help make this possible. Do not stack boxes too high and never stack heavy boxes on lighter ones. Leaving a open space along the edges and the ceiling will allow air flow, so your unit can breathe.
    A way to determine the amount of space you will need is to inventory what you plan to store. It is a good idea to go to our facility and look at the spaces to actually see the sizes before renting the space.

  • Get storage prices....Click RESERVE tab for facility you choose.
  • Move-in now or reserve space
  • Length of lease. Our lease runs month to month. Ask about long term discounts!
  • Pay for self storage space – Options: online, electronic bank check, cash, auto credit card, check in mail or just call us with credit card payment.
    Get 24 hours access…just ask!
  • Many Storage Options: Temporary, Seasonal, Business and Long Term
  • Insure my stored property…We partner with a great Self Storage Insurance company called StorSmart. Call us for more information and prices or to discuss insurance coverage questions call StorSmart 1-888-545-7627; email info@storsmartinsurance.com or visit their website: www.storsmartinsurance.com
  • Use hand truck and dolly: FREE On site dollies provided; Rent U-Haul dollies for off site use
  • Find a moving company…We will be glad to give you names of local companies.
  • Buy boxes and moving supplies, and Chateau heavy duty disc and padlocks at our on site office. We carry a wide selection that will meet all of your supply needs.
  • Find a marina near Beach City Self Storage…Call us for more information.
  • Wide Drives for vans and delivery trucks.
  • Deliveries Accepted
  • Drive-Up Access
  • Elevator Access industrial size elevator to second floor
  • Ground Level Access
  • On Site Management:  Manager in on site during office hours below
  • Office Hours :
    Beach City Self Storage : 9-5 Monday-Saturday and Sundays 9-3
    Dillon Road Self Storage: 9-5 Monday-Saturday and Sundays 9-3
  • Move-in now or RESERVE space…We will reserve a space for up to 2 weeks for you.
  • RENT BY PHONE, EMAIL, OR WEBSITE… For your convenience, all paperwork and payment can be completed in office at move-in, by email or on the phone. Reserve online from website. Email :
    Beach City Self Storage: bcsshhi@aol.com 843-681-7333 78 Beach City Road
    Dillon Road Self Storage: drsshhi@aol.com 843-682-4200 159 Dillon Road
    Bluffton Self Storage: support@blufftonselfstorage.com 843-757-7733 11 Oliver Court
  • DECIDE LENGTH OF LEASE…Our leases run from month-to-month.  If you park your RV, Boat ,trailer, or motorcycle, we offer daily and weekly agreements.
  • PAY FOR SPACE… Cash, check, money orders, E-checks or all major credit cards are welcomed.  Visit our website and make your payment online. You may place your credit card on auto pay or pay with credit card by phone each month.


What Size Storage Rental Space Do I need?

FAQ-self-storage Estimator space size



in square feet)
5 X 5 25 Boxed items or office supplies: Miscellaneous Items is ideal for storing seasonal items, record/file storage boxes.
5 X 10 50 Contents of 1 Room: Unit is ideal for storing seasonal items record/file storage boxes and twin mattresses and clothing.
5 X 15 75 Contents of 1 Room PLUS
10 X 10 100 Contents of 2-3 Rooms: Sofa, chairs, end tables, kitchen table, bed, 2 dressers and some miscellaneous items.
10 X 15 150 Contents of 3-4 Rooms
10 X 20 200 Contents of 4-5 Rooms
10 X 25 250 Contents of 5 Rooms
10 X 30 300 Contents of 5-6 Rooms


Don’t forget to add room for storage closets, garage items, sheds, toys, boxes and out door furniture!

faq-self-storage boxes
faq-self-storage U-Haul full line of products


Preparing Items for Storage and How to Pack Items in Your Storage Unit :

Follow the storage hints below to make your self storage experience go smoothly

  • Place all smaller items in uniformly sized boxes
  • Completely fill each box with heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top.
  • Uniformly sized boxes stack easier and conserve storage space.
  • Properly stored items will hold up much better in storage than items not stored properly.
  • Label boxed items so you will know what is in each box without opening it.

Do not store these items:

Furs, jewelry and other expensive items, irreplaceable items, any living thing, used tires, firearms, explosives, flammables of any kind (gas, diesel, oil, paint, etc.), drugs or drug paraphernalia, stolen items, any type of hazardous items, perishable items of any kind, hazardous waste materials of any kind, items that produce odors or any item that will in any way make other tenants or the manager unhappy.

More Storage Hints for Organizing Your Storage Unit

  • Use  wooden pallets or boards underneath furniture and boxes. This will prevent condensation from damaging them.
  • Leave a small airspace between your stored items and the wall of the storage unit for ventilation.
  • Store items that will not be needed to the rear of the storage unit and items you will need access to toward the front of the unit.
  • Store heavy items on the bottom and lightweight items on top.
  • Store smaller, more valuable items to the rear of the storage unit and large items toward the front of the unit.
  • Cover everything with plastic sheeting. Wooden furniture should first be covered with blankets to avoid abrasion and moisture damage. Plastic sheeting will protect your stored goods from both dust and water damage.
  • Pack your storage unit as tightly as possible. Tighter packing helps to protect stored items from moisture and dust and reduces the space needed to store you property.
  • Use a high quality disc (round) padlock to secure your storage unit. This type of lock is difficult to cut or break and offers maximum protection for very little money.

Insurance For Your Stored Property

StorSmart Insurance- Easy contents insurance
An insurance policy can be written and purchased at time of rental on site. Your insurance certificate is immediately available.

  • $2000 coverage for $  9 per month
  • $3000 coverage for $13 per month
  • $5000 coverage for $22 per month
  • $7500 coverage for $32 per month

for more coverage, please call .
For information from StorSmart: Call 888.545.7627

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